Twisted Shotz Tailgate Party Pack

25ml (15 Shots)

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    Twisted Shotz
    Independent Distillers USA
    20% Alcohol
    Plano, Texas
    Product Description

    Twisted Shotz Tailgate Party Pack comes with five different flavors of your favorite Ready to Drink. This variety pack contains fifteen 25ml pre-mixed two-flavored shots of Rattlesnake, Whipped Chocolate, Washington Apple, B-52, and Jolli Jolli. These flavors are featuring three shots each, made with real spirits.

    These shots are easy to open, drink, and also easily portable. It is a fun and convenient 15-shot pack that is the perfect starter for any party, outing, or get-together. It's a great gift at any time of year! Just chill, peel, and enjoy!