New Amsterdam Raspberry Vodka

750ml Bottle

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    New Amsterdam
    E & J Gallo Winery
    35% Alcohol
    Modesto, California
    United States
    Product Description

    New Amsterdam Raspberry Flavored Vodka offers a refreshing, crisp profile layered with sweet, bright, raspberry flavors. The complexity of the natural fruit flavor is perfectly balanced with just enough bite for a clean, smooth finish. It has bottled at 35% alcohol by volume.

    New Amsterdam Vodka was born from an uncompromising passion for great vodka. From the water they use to the grains they select, a determined spirit flows through everything they do to their unique distillation process. This commitment to excellence delivers a great-tasting vodka with a crisp, clean taste and unparalleled smoothness.

    Amsterdam Raspberry Vodka has five times distilled and three times filtered to deliver a clean crisp tasted that is smooth and distinctive enough to drink it straight or to enhance any cocktail. Enjoy!