MD 20/20 Red Grape

750ml Bottle

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    MD 20/20
    The Wine Group LLC
    13% Alcohol
    New York
    Product Description

    MD 20/20 Red Grape Flavored Fortified Wine (also known as "Mogen David 20/20 Red Grape Wine" and "Mad Dog 20/20 Red Grape Wine") is the king of grape with rich flavors of dark fruit. It has made with juicy, luscious fruit infused with tasty flavors to create a unique variety of MD 20/20 selections. Its an incredibly smooth, delicious delight with the perfect balance of sweetness and a hint of tartness.

    The MD stands for its producer, Mogen David; however, it has widely known as "Mad Dog." Originally, 20/20 stood for 20 oz & 20% alcohol. Currently, MD 20/20 is not sold in 20 oz bottles nor at 20% alcohol by volume. This Red Grape is an American fortified wine bottled at 13% alcohol by volume. It has blended to create a tasty cocktail. It is best to serve chilled. Enjoy!