1800 Ultimate Margarita

1.75L Bottle

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    Becle SAB de
    9.95% Alcohol
    Product Description

    1800 Ultimate Margarita is the #1 premium margarita. Made with a perfect blend of 100% Blue Agave 1800 Silver Tequila, a combination of Persian limes and Triple Sec for a refreshing crisp bit and tangy finish. Made with real tequila, the extract of lime and ready-to-serve – just pour and enjoy. 1800 Silver Tequila is already present in the 19.9 proof mix, taking away the hassle of measuring and mixing, and making the ease of portability and clean up the perfect choice for party goers this season. 1800 Ultimate Margarita is the perfect bottled cocktail for a picnic, potluck, a last-minute get together or when you just don't feel like standing behind the bar all night. Delicious on the rocks or blended with ice. Enjoy!