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GotoLiquorStore is an online marketplace for alcohol in the US.

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Our Story

GotoLiquorStore is founded and run by members that have been involved in the alcohol industry for decades. As young children, our founders and staff members witnessed their parents/relatives successfully own and manage “Mom and Pop” liquor stores. As young adults, some of our founding members owned their own liquor stores and ultimately created their own liquor store chain in St. Louis, MO.

With years of hands-on experience, we strived to create a product that would not only get customers the products they want, but also help retailers grow their business online. Our marketplace is crafted to ease the process of both purchasing alcohol for consumers and selling online for retailers.

We encourage all that visit us at GotoLiquorStore to shop local and support your local communities. Shop with us today and support your local liquor stores. Cheers!

What We do

  • Connect Customers to local shops for their “Go-to” alcohol drinks

  • Provide Retailers with “Go-to” technology to manage their e-commerce presence

  • Represent Brands online for customers to “Go-to” and purchase products



Forgot to grab a bottle of wine on your way home? In a rush and need to place an order in advance? Try something you liked at your local pub and want to buy near you? Never run out of booze at your house party again. GotoLiquorStore is here for all your alcohol needs. Don’t worry. We provide pick-up and delivery options without the extra service fees.

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Are you a retailer? Connect with local customers to sell your inventory online, grow your business, and increase brand awareness. We will provide you with the tools to manage your FREE customized website, online orders, marketing, e-commerce promotions, customer database, etc. Let us take care of the tech side and while you take care of your customers.

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Help us help you. As a technology-driven team with retailer experience, we look forward to partnering with those in the industry tier system. Representation matters, which makes sharing digital assets, such as bottle-shots crucial to your brand’s image. We look forward to collaborating and providing avenues to share your brands with our marketplace visitors.

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